179 South Livingston Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039 (201) 374-1213
179 South Livingston Ave
Livingston, NJ 07039
(201) 374-1213

This is an inclusive martial arts program and all are welcome!

Sensory Taekwon-do of Bloomfield

Sensory TaeKwon-Do is a unique Martial Arts program for children on the spectrum. It is a breakthrough martial arts program custom designed based on each child's neurological profile.

The core of this program is extracted from cutting edge neurological studies that incorporate movement exercise to help create healthier pathways in the brain.

By stimulating areas in the brain that incorporate balance, body awareness, muscle coordination, strength and working memory, we can promote growth and improve connectivity within the pathways of the brain.

Children on the spectrum are often affected by a wide range of symptoms. To be effective treatment requires a whole brain, whole body approach. We achieve this by incorporating a diverse one-to-one treatment program which includes nutritional coaching.

Sensory Taekwon-do incorporates the senses during the sessions. The auditory is stimulated by playing music specifically designed to right brain and left brain functions. Visual senses are used when students are modeling the instructor. Vestibular encompasses balance and this is worked on heavily during the session. Proprioceptive involves the sense of position of your body parts. Students must use this sense to focus on where they are placing their own body parts as they are performing the martial art exercise. The tactile or sense of touch is brought in throughout the session with the climbing wall, balls and other equipment that is used during the group.

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